Monday, January 27
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Syrian Ambassador meets SSNP leader: Lebanon’s wellbeing concerns Syria and vice versa

Head of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Fares Saad, received this Wednesday the Ambassador of Syria to Lebanon, Ali Abdel Karim Ali, who congratulated his host on his election as SSNP leader.

Discussions touched on the latest developments, with emphasis on "continuing to score achievements and victories and rise up to all the challenges that threaten the region."

The Syrian ambassador expressed "optimism that the [SSNP] party will continue to play an effective role in Lebanon, Syria, the region and the world. (...) It is worth mentioning that the SSNP has a role and an active contribution to countering terrorism," foreseeing the party's contribution to fortifying Lebanese national unity, and bolstering cooperation between all national components.

"Lebanon's wellbeing concerns Syria, and vice versa," the ambassador stressed.

Source: National News Agency

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