Monday, September 28
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Bassil: We do not intend to disrupt government

Foreign Minister and head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, called for "solidarity between politicians and citizens so as to get out of the current crisis."

Bassil made these remarks at a press conference after the "Strong Lebanon" bloc meeting this Friday.

Tackling the waste crisis, he pointed out that "there is a comprehensive national plan, and it high time we approve and start implementing it," hoping that "we will all cooperate to end this crisis."

On the subject of article 80 of the budget, the Foreign Minister said: "I will respond in the presence of President Aoun, in a speech I will be delivering from Zahle."

Bassil stressed "the need to recover the looted State funds," pointing out that "the goal is not to prosecute those who took public money, but most importantly to recover the looted funds as they belong to the people and the State."

"We are working on an integrated legal system to combat corruption, including draft laws to lift banking secrecy, lift the immunity off employees and recover looted money," he said.

"We do not intend to disrupt the government. We are waiting for Prime Minister Hariri to call for the convening of the cabinet. We will participate with no pre-conditions. I better not disclose what I know," the FPM president concluded.

Source: National News Agency