Sunday, January 19
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Jarrah briefed by director of Deutsche Welle on plan to establish office in Lebanon

Minister of Information Jamal Jarrah received this Friday at his office in the ministry the Director-General of the Deutsche Welle Foundation (Voice of Germany) Peter Limbourg, accompanied by the Director of the Arab Section, and the Director of the Middle East department at the Deutsche Welle Academy for Media Training.

Discussions touched on the prospects of media cooperation between the two countries and the intent of the radio management to open an office in Lebanon.

Limbourg said "we would like to get the support of the Lebanese authorities in this regard in order to complete the [office opening] process."

He stressed that "Lebanon is a very important country for us because it enjoys a high degree of freedom of information and thought, somewhat uncommon in the region."

He congratulated Lebanon for its freedom of the media "which is paramount for development and democracy."

Source: National News Agency

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