Saturday, August 8
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Syria, Sudan discuss invigorating agricultural relations, exchanging products

Damascus, Agriculture Minister Ahmad Qadiri on Monday discussed with his Sudanese counterpart Babikir Osman Mohamed Ali and the accompanying delegation prospects of cooperation in the agricultural domain between the two countries.

Minister al-Qadiri affirmed that the two sides agreed in principle on implementing the cooperation agreement in the domain of the agricultural scientific research and animal health and means to put it under execution.

The two sides also discussed the possibility of exporting veterinary drugs from the Syrian factories to the Sudan.

Ways to increase the exchange of agricultural products in a way that would serve the interests of the two brotherly countries, and the exchange of technical expertise in all domains were also on the table.

Al-Qadiri presented a briefing on the reality of agriculture in Syria and advanced stages which it had reached ahead of the war and the difficult circumstances which it has went through during the global war waged against Syria and the systematic destruction of the agricultural sector in the country.

He added that all of the difficulties which the agricultural sector has passed through in Syria, it continued the production thanks to the resilience of the peasants and the workers in that domain as well as the continued governmental support to this sector.

For his part, the Sudanese Agriculture Minister shed light on the strong relations binding the two countries, indicating that the goal of the visit is to continue the agricultural cooperation, particularly in the domain of the livestock and irrigation, in addition to activating the agreement which have been previously signed between the two sides.

He added that the delegation embraces 14 experts from all the domains of agriculture and irrigation.

In a statement to journalists, Director General of the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) Rafiq Saleh underlined the importance of the Sudanese delegation's visit to Syria to meet the officials in it and to develop the relations between the two countries in a way that would serve the interests of the two peoples.

He added that the visit of the delegation will also allow it to inspect the work of the organization and to start the first stage of the project which is being implemented by the Center in the Sudan which is a study of the use of lands as 40 million hectares have been executed out of 100 million which is the total space of all the project's stages.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency