Thursday, January 23
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Berri meets Jreissati delegated by Aoun

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday welcomed at his Ain Tineh residence Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Selim Jreissati, delegated by President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.

On emerging, Minister Jreissati said the visit is part of the coordination between President Aoun and Speaker Berri, saying that discussions focused on hour issues, most notably the national state budget.

He stressed that President Aoun will sign the national state budget.

"We reviewed ways to address the shortcomings in some parts of the budget, including Article 80," he said, adding that President Aoun is to address a letter to the Parliament on Article 95 of the Constitution.

On another level, Speaker Berri met with the Judge of the International Court of Justice, Ambassador Nawaf Salam.

The Speaker then received a delegation of students from the Faculty of Art of the Lebanese University.

Berri stressed in front of the delegation that Lebanon represents a unique work of art in its spiritual and cultural fabric, calling on all parties to protect Lebanon, including political leaders.

Former MP Mohammed Qabbani also visited Berri today.

Source: National News Agency

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