Monday, September 28
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Saudi Embassy in Manila Confirms Continued Search for Citizen Abdullah Sharif

Manila, The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Manila, capital of The Philippines confirmed here today that continued search efforts for the Saudi national Abdullah Khalid Al-Sharif, whom contact with him was lost, during a training flight with his Filipino trainer, in San Jose, Mandoro Island, in Southern Philippines, are continuing, with utmost follow-up from the office of The Philippine President.

A statement by the Embassy added that various meetings were held with pertinent authorities, in order to urge them to accelerate the search efforts and do necessary investigations, to determine the whereabouts of the Saudi national Al-Sharif and to provide it, with latest findings, in this regard.

Wishing that Al-Sharif will, safely, return to his family, the Embassy reasserted keenness and following up of the case, and expressing hope that the search efforts will bear fruits.

Source: Saudi Press Agency