Wednesday, February 26
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Bazzi calls for joining efforts to save Lebanon

MP Ali Bazzi called Sunday for joint efforts to be exerted for the sake of rescuing the country from its stalemate situation, urging the cabinet to "meet 40 times a day to compensate for its 40-day disruption period, and to pay utmost care and attention to the sufferings of the Lebanese by addressing all pending issues."

Speaking during a memorial service held in the town of Markba in the South earlier today, Bazzi emphasized the need for "concerted efforts to save Lebanon from its stifling economic crisis, and for translating what was agreed upon in Baabda and promoting the concept of citizenship and national belonging."

He revealed herein that his Bloc, under the guidance of House Speaker Nabih Berri and after meeting with various parliamentary blocs and political parties, has submitted a new "vote law proposal" based on proper criteria for the correct representation of all Lebanese citizens.

Source: National News Agency

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