Saturday, February 22
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Hariri receives Qatari and Yemeni Ambassadors, Harvard students

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri said that in Lebanon, we try to preserve our moderation, coexistence and tolerance, to serve as a model for the region, and we want our constitution to be an example for the constitutions that some of the surrounding countries are trying to establish.

Hariri was addressing at the Grand Serail a delegation of Harvard students from Lebanon and 35 countries around the world. He said: The biggest challenge facing Lebanon today is to improve the socio-economic condition of citizens, get rid of corruption and move towards e-government, because corruption is the biggest problem facing Lebanon, and the government has already started working on this path.

Hariri stressed the importance of giving the private sector the largest role in managing a number of economic facilities, hoping that the major projects agreed upon at the CEDRE Conference will be launched with the adoption of the 2020 budget, which will lead to growth and prosperity, especially since all business and technology platforms are ready in Lebanon.

Hariri later received the Qatari Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Hassan Jaber Al-Jaber and discussed with him the situation in Lebanon and the region. He also

Met with the Yemeni Ambassador Abdul Karim Al-Dais.

Hariri also received a delegation from the International Chamber of Commerce-Lebanon, in the presence of the Minister of Communications Mohamed Choucair. The delegation included: The President of the Chamber Wajih Bizri, the Vice President Chadi Karam, the Secretary-General Youssef Kanaan and Dr. Nayla Comair Obaid, who was elected member of the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce in France for three years.

Bizri discussed with Hariri the importance of Lebanon's presence in the International Council of the International Chamber of Commerce, especially as this election comes after former Minister Adnan Kassar took over the presidency of the Chamber in 2000. He also talked about the Chamber's activities in Lebanon and on the international level.

Hariri congratulated the Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Obeid on this achievement, praising the results achieved by the private sector in Lebanon and the world.

Source: National News Agency

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