Tuesday, August 4
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Samad advocates compulsory education until completion of intermediate level

MP Jihad al-Samad met on Sunday at his late father's residence in the town of Bakhoun a delegation representing "Al-Nabaa Association", with talks centering on the Association's endeavor to approve a bill at the Parliament Council on compulsory and free education until the end of the intermediate stage.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Saliha Wannas explained that "the Association is conducting a national campaign to approve a draft law underway, which entails compulsory public education until the end of the intermediate stage, with the activation of the previous law which provides for compulsory formal education until the primary level."

She added: "Our focus is particularly for girls because their school dropout rate is high, in order to encourage them to pursue their education."

"We took our step and our national campaign in coordination with other associations, and we met a number of deputies of the north who expressed support for the draft law and readiness to vote when presented in Parliament," indicated Wannas.

For his part, MP al-Samad announced to the delegation his support for the draft law, expressing his readiness to sign it when ready and hoping in return that "the fate of the proposed bill will not be like the fate of the 53 laws that have not been implemented in Lebanon, despite the adoption of these laws by the Parliament Council, including a mandatory law on free education until the end of the primary stage."

The MP also advocated the implementation of obligatory education for girls "because women are half of society and the basis for reforming it," adding that "reforming any society starts with the family and the basis for reforming any family is women."

Source: National News Agency