Thursday, July 16
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Aoun hails fresh reconciliations, says Lebanon will not fall

President Michel Aoun on Monday extolled the fresh reconciliations between the political parties, and called the Lebanese not to have any fear for the future.

"Have no fear for the future as Lebanon will not fall at all," Aoun said.

"I sought reconciliations between parties because it would be difficult to embark on resolving crises and the economic, financial and social challenges amid the previous disagreements," he added.

Aoun indicated that if it weren't for stability at the political and security levels, making economic reforms would have been impossible.

On the upcoming appointments, the President said that only the best would be selected to assume key posts.

Aoun's remarks came during his meeting with Head of the Maronite Central Council, Wadi Khazen, at Baabda palace.

Source: National News Agency