Wednesday, July 8
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Aoun meets Schneider, receives credentials of seven new Ambassadors to Lebanon

President of the Republic Michel Aoun met at Baabda palace Wednesday, with Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Minister of Economy Etienne Schneider, and an accompanying delegation.

Talks reportedly touched on the bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries in the economic and banking fields.

President Aoun underlined the importance of economic and trade cooperation between Lebanon and Luxembourg and to develop and strengthen bilateral relations in all fields.

The President said that "the investment opportunities in Lebanon will be available through a basket of development and economic projects that Lebanon will offer to investors in accordance with the CEDRE Conference recommendations," noting that several reforms have been adopted to keep pace with the available investment opportunities.

The Head of State also told Minister Schneider that "the banking sector is one of the strongest and most successful sectors in Lebanon," welcoming any potential cooperation between Lebanon and Luxembourg, which enjoys financial and economic advantages that placed it in an advanced position in the banking field.

Aoun also told his guest that "investment in Lebanon is rewarding, especially that the draft state budget 2020 will include the completion of a package of fundamental reforms that help in developing the Lebanese economy, enhancing investment opportunities and activating tourism."

Minister Schneider expressed Luxembourg's desire to "cooperate with Lebanese businessmen," and affirmed his Country's support to Lebanon at the international and regional podiums.

On the other hand, President Aoun received the credentials of seven newly accredited ambassadors to Lebanon, namely of Colombia Fernando Helo Yamhure, Cyprus Panayiotis Kyriacou, Norway Leni Stenseth, European Union Ralph-Joseph Tarraf, Vietnam Tran Quang, Chad Al-Amine Al-Doudou Abdallah, and Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka Deepthika Priyadarshani Calyaneratne Wickramarachchi Karunarante.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Foreign Ministry's Secretary General Ambassador Hani Smaitili.

Source: National News Agency