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Health Minister at Global Vaccination Summit: We seek to keep Lebanon polio-free

Health Minister, Jamil Jabak, on Thursday confirmed Lebanon's endeavors to keep Lebanon a polio-free country. The Minister's affirmation came during Lebanon's participation in the Global Vaccination Summit organized by the European Commission, the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF in Brussels.

Lebanon's participation in the aforementioned summit is an affirmation of the Lebanese state's adoption of all global policies and strategies in support of immunization, not to mention commitment to protect all children on Lebanese soil via vaccination.

"The Ministry of Public Health seeks to maintain Lebanon's good level of child immunization," the Minister said. He also noted that the National Vaccination Program at the Ministry of Public Health was working hard to maintain a polio-free Lebanon, with the support of the European Union, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF.

Jabak also stressed the importance of maintaining Lebanon's wide vaccination coverage, "in cooperation with all partners and through strengthening partnerships between all sectors concerned."

Source: National News Agency