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Bassil at Lebanon UK Technology Forum: Improving economy, creating job opportunities top priority

"Improving the economy and creating job opportunities for Lebanese youth are of Lebanon's top priorities at present. Digital economy will be at the heart of this vision," Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said in a speech at the High-Level Lebanon-UK Technology Forum in London.

The Forum's inaugural session was attended by the State Minister for Information Technology, Adel Afyouni, British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, Technology Committee MP Nicolas Sehnaoui, and scores of investors in the field of technology and start-ups, as well as bank dignitaries.

Minister Bassil praised the Lebanese Embassy's efforts to organize such an event as part of the economic diplomacy that we recently launched at the Foreign Ministry.

"There is an agreement to build partnerships with Britain in the technology sector, especially as Lebanon is the first Arab country to sign a partnership agreement with Britain. Beirut is a hub for science, knowledge and convergence, and Lebanon has abundant experience in the world of entrepreneurship and technology," he said, calling on British investors to "invest in the technology sector in Lebanon."

"Lebanon has high education standards, and the Lebanese are creative and inventive. Use this to build productive partnerships in this field," Bassil told the British.

"Today we are opening new horizons of cooperation between Britain and Lebanon, in the interest of both countries, and I will make all necessary efforts to bolster this cooperation," The Foreign Minister went on to say, announcing the launch of what he called "the technology policy".

Source: National News Agency