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Chidiac launches cooperation project on open government between OECD, Jbeil Municipality

Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Dr May Chidiac, on Thursday launched the cooperation program between the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Municipality of Jbeil, within the framework of the open government, at the municipal building in Byblos.

The launch ceremony was attended by "Strong Republic" bloc MP Ziad Hawat, Representative of the Italian Embassy Roberta Di Lecce, Vice President of the Union of Jbeil District Municipalities Khaled Sadaqa, Jbeil Municipality head Wissam Zaarour, and OECD Representative Alessandro Bellantoni.

In her inaugural word, Minister Chidiac hailed Jbeil Municipality as exemplary in the subject of transparency, thanking the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for its continued support and determination to implement projects in Lebanon within the frameworks of the open government and the right to access information, digital transformation and public communication.

Chidiac congratulated Jbeil Municipality for taking the initiative to be one of the first municipalities in Lebanon seeking to apply the standards of open government and the right to access information.

The Minister also underlined that "the open government is not a project or initiative that has a definite beginning or ending," but rather involves a change in the approach and culture of governance to be based on the principles of transparency, accountability and participation.

"An open government transforms a culture of governance on the basis of transparency, accountability and participation," Chidiac maintained.

Chidiac said that transparency is not only about the disclosure of data of interest to stakeholders, but also about transparency aimed at achieving developmental and socio-economic purposes.

Source: National News Agency