Saturday, July 11
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Afyouni opens CSR Forum: Time to build knowledge-based economy

Minister of State for Investment and Technology Adel Afyouni said that we need to "implement the government's action plan and rely on the highest standards of governance and transparency."

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 9th annual CSR Forum held at the Four Seasons Hotel, the minister said: "Circular economy is not a new concept at the global level. It began to resonate in more than one Arab country through measures and projects that save governments and peoples millions of dollars and contribute to long-term sustainable growth, in line with global trends in sustainable development, human values and improved quality of life."

"Circular economy is very important for Lebanon and is necessary to cross to the bank of modern economy, which we are paving the way and seeking to reach, especially in light of the delicate economic and financial conditions that we are living today," he went on to say.

"At a time when the Lebanese people and the whole country are facing a delicate economic, living and financial crisis, it must be made clear that the causes of this crisis are multiple, some of which are structural problems that we have been suffering for years, and some other are due to regional situations and instability in the region and its effects on our economy," the minister stressed.

"I tell you that we will not give in to the crisis, we as a people have the ability to overcome the storm and we have human resources, energies, innovation advantage and international networks. Getting out of the ordeal is thus possible," he assured.

Afyouni pointed out that "a road map has been developed by our government (...) including the necessary reforms that we committed to launch to bring the country safe to shore. (...) We need to implement this plan in a fast and effective manner and to adopt the highest standards of governance and Transparency to reach this goal."

"It is time for Lebanon to gain a place in the economy of the 21st century, to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to build a modern and sustainable economic model, an economy that relies more on the productive sectors and less on intermediation and consumption, to increase exports, reduce imports and attract more foreign direct investment and to reduce borrowing. It is time to build a knowledge-based economy that allows our young people to shine as creative leaders," he corroborated.

"There is a fundamental gap that hinders our ambition to achieve reform and the desired growth, which is namely the absence of clear governance and adequate transparency in the public as well as in the private sector," Afyouni said however, stressing in conclusion that "our people in no way lacks vision, competence or human potential to wake up from the economic stalemate we are living in. What we need is concerted efforts to walk the path of reform; one that is inevitable."

Source: National News Agency