Tuesday, November 19
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Rahi signs partnership agreement with Foucher, meets Kubis

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi on Tuesday welcomed in Bkerke French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher.

Patriach Rahi and Ambassador Foucher signed a partnership agreement to grant two additional scholarships to Maronite priests to obtain a master's or doctoral degree in theology from the universities of France.

The partnership agreement signature comes as part of the commitments made by French President Emmanuel Macronduring his meeting with Patriarch Rahi in May 2018 in Paris, reflecting France's commitment to its relationship with the Maronite Church in Lebanon and its desire to strengthen it.

In his delivered word, Ambassador Foucher stressed the "depth of relations between France and the Maronite Church," saying these deeply rooted relations date back to the days of King Louis.

Patriarch Rahi, in turn, expressed appreciation for this "special initiative", thanking French President Emmanuel Macron. He hailed the deeply-entrenched relationship between France and the Maronite Church and the longstanding Lebanese-French friendship.

On the other hand, Rahi welcomed in Bkerke the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Jan Kubis.

Source: National News Agency

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