Tuesday, July 7
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European, Arab countries call on Turkish regime to stop its aggression on Syria

Capitals, President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, called on the Turkish regime to stop its aggression on Syria.

I call on Turkey and the other active parties for self-restraint, Reuters quoted Juncker as telling the EU parliament on Wednesday , condemning the plots of Turkish regime to establish the so-called safe zone.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister, Heiko Josef Maas strongly condemned the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories, affirming that it increases destabilization in the region and reinforces Daesh terrorist organization .

Turkey risks more destabilization in the region the Turkish attack could lead to a new humanitarian catastrophe and new flow of refugees, Maas said in a statement.

Egypt also condemned, with strongest terms, the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories, calling for keeping Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity and safety of its lands.

The Turkish step represents a flagrant, unacceptable violation of sovereignty of an Arab brotherly country in exploitation of the conditions it is passing through, Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, also stressed that the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories destabilizes situation in the region and harms civilians.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency