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French Ambassador visits Merhebi, confirms France’s keen concern for Lebanon

French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, visited Sunday Future Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Tarek al-Merhebi at his Akkar residence, with talks touching on the Lebanese-French relations and the Cedar Conference which provides a glimmer of hope for the Lebanese in wake of the country's economic crisis and the deteriorating living conditions.

MP Merehbi pointed to the "great efforts exerted by Prime Minister Saad Hariri through his international and Arab relations to address the prevailing situation, achieve real reforms and put an end to the waste in some sectors and ministries."

Today's encounter was also a chance for Merehbi to brief the French Ambassador on Akkar region and its capabilities and needs, including "the need to operate and activate President Rene Mouawad's Airport in Qlayaat, in light of its economic importance and the benefit it provides through low-cost passenger aircraft and cargo planes."

"This is a priority for the French," said Foucher.

The French diplomat thanked MP Merehbi for his warm reception, expressing his pleasure to visit Akkar and admire its touristic and environmental sites.

Source: National News Agency