Wednesday, August 12
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Army moves from Qamishli to western outskirts of city to face Turkish aggression

Qamishli, The Syrian Arab Army units have moved from Qamishli city, near the Turkish border, towards the northwest countryside of the city to repel the Turkish offensive and protect people from any attacks.

SANA reporter said that several military vehicles carrying army soldiers moved on Friday afternoon from Qamishli city to be deployed in the western countryside to face Turkish aggression and protect the people.

The reporter mentioned that Russian military police forces have begun patrolling Qamishli city towards the border with Turkey.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that about 300 Russian military police and 20 armored vehicles have arrived in Syria as part of their mission to deploy in the border area with Turkey, help ensure the safety of the population and to launch patrols.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency