Wednesday, August 12
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Rahi: People are the source of authority

"People are the source of authority and sovereignty," Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutors Rahi said Sunday during a Mass service in Bkirki.

He added: "Authority cannot ignore the people's demand for a neutral and mini-government, and it must listen to their demands before it is too late."

The Patriarch stressed that this uprising should not be diverted to partisan conflicts or destructive ideological goals.

"The protest movement unified the Lebanese people under the national flag and around their just, national demands for dignity and social justice, rejecting the financial and economic reality," he asserted.

The Prelate called for a new cabinet formation comprised of competent specialists.

Finally, Rahi considered that these demonstrations reflected the historical national facet of Lebanon, and showed that the culture of coexistence is based on freedom, pluralism and the values of human dignity.

Source: National News Agency