Tuesday, August 4
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Arab parliament issues important decisions

Cairo, Dr. Mishaal Al-Salami, Secretary General of the Arab parliament, said that the Arab chamber, convening in Cairo today, issued a number of important decisions, citing that it has reiterated its solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on any action it might take to protect its vital and economic facilities.

The parliament described the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities as a flagrant violation, an act of war and an escalation not only against Saudi Arabia but also the entire world as it was designed to destabilize the security of the region, harm the energy supplies and threaten the global economy.

The parliament lauded the wisdom of the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in dealing with this terrorist attacks through sharing the information and response with a number of effective countries and organizations.

The parliament also condemned foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Arab countries.

Addressing the opening session of the fourth round of the second legislative chapter, Al-Salami also expressed solidarity with Egypt and Sudan in preserving their water rights, urging Ethiopia to reach arrangement with the two Arab countries on the shares of River Nile water.

Al-Salami was assigned by the parliament to transfer those decisions to the united nations and regional organizations.

The Arab parliament condemned the Turkish aggression on north east Syria, calling for the withdrawal of all foreign armed forces and militias from the Arab country.

The Arab parliamentarians also paid tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the efforts it has exerted to reach arrangement between Yemen's legitimate government and the southern transitional council, considering the Houthi militias the only enemy of Yemeni people.

He said Saudi Arabia has done a good job to reach this arrangement through a quiet dialogue over several weeks to save blood and time as the situation in Yemen is very tense and couldn't tolerate any domestic struggle.

He added that the parliament expressed support for lifting Sudan off the U.S. sponsored list of terror supporters.

Al-Salami said the Arab parliament was informed and was following with great interest the developments of the situations in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Libya in addition to a number of economic, investment and commercial files.

Source: Saudi Press Agency