Wednesday, July 8
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Union of Bank Employees Syndicates: Extraordinary meeting upcoming Monday to discuss infringements against staff in many banks’ branches

In an issued statement Saturday by the Secretariat of the Union of Bank Employees Syndicates in Lebanon, it called for an extraordinary meeting by the Union's executive board on Monday to "deliberate over the subject of infringements on bank employees."

In this framework, Union President George Antoine Hajj urged all members to attend the meeting, saying that "what happened at the end of last week in many banks branches, such as encroachment on colleagues with insults and physical assault in some cases, requires a decision by the Union Council in order to maintain the safety of bank employees."

The Union Secretariat indicated that a statement will be issued at the end of the meeting on Monday to be circulated via the media, adding that the Banks Association President will also be informed of the Union Council's decision.

It is to note that a statement was issued by the Syndicate of Bank Employees in the North, calling on Union President Hajj to "adopt a decision of complete and open closure in the banking sector."

Source: National News Agency