Wednesday, July 8
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Arab Banks Union to convene in Cairo upcoming December 8 & 9

The Union of Arab Banks is expected to hold its annual conference on December 8 & 9, 2019, which will tackle the "impact of political and economic fluctuations on the flow of banking operations in the Arab region."

"The conference will discuss the economic reforms and their impact on achieving economic and social security, as well as the pressure imposed by international legislation on the banking sector and its repercussions," the Union's Secretary General Wissam Fattouh said in a statement.

Referring to the Beirut banking conference, Fattouh indicated that it was postponed due to the developments in Lebanon. He added that the conference will be held immediately upon the new cabinet formation and after the return of political conditions to normal, with the participation of all parties and international institutions and Arab monetary funds. "This reflects the belief in Lebanon's financial and economic role, and comes as a token of devotion which the Arab bankers have for Lebanon," he said.

"Beirut remains the capital of financial and banking conferences, attracting all Arab bankers who insist on the Lebanese capital to hold their conferences," Fattouh concluded.

Source: National News Agency