Wednesday, July 8
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FPM: Hariri’s policy is based on the principle of “I and no one else” as head of cabinet

In an issued statement by the Free Patriotic Movement's central media committee this evening, it criticized Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri's policy, considering that it is based on the principle of "I and no one else" as head of government.

"While the efforts of the Free Patriotic Movement were a platform to facilitate the process of establishing a rescue government, starting with reaching consensus over the new PM who can bring the Lebanese together in terms of economic and financial rescue away from political divisions, we were surprised by the statement issued by Caretaker PM Saad Hariri's press office, which contained a series of fabrications and distortion of facts," the FPM statement said.

In light of the above, the Movement clarified that "the reasons for Lebanon's difficult situation witnessed at this stage is due to the financial and economic policies and practices that have embraced the approach of corruption for 30 years, and which still persist till now."

The statement indicated that FPM provided all possible means to accelerate bridging the gap caused by the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri, by not rejecting any name put forward by Hariri.

The statement stressed that the Free Patriotic Movement's utmost concern in the end is the formation of a government capable of stopping the financial collapse and preventing chaos and sedition in the country.

The FPM statement, thus, urged Hariri to rise above any political rivalry and combine efforts to form the new government. "We call on him [PM Hariri] to join us in the efforts to agree on a prime minister who is uniting of all the Lebanese...We say that there is still an opportunity for all of us to save the country, instead of continuing to slaughter it with bankruptcy and corruption," the statement underlined.

Source: National News Agency