Monday, August 3
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Jumblatt marking his late father’s birth anniversary: We will not enter a government that has overthrown the constitutional foundations

Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, stressed Saturday that "there is no solution except through forming a government that is in line with the principles of the Taif and the Constitution."

"We do not want to enter a government that has undermined the constitutional foundations, as practiced by some till this moment," he said.

"We are going through an extraordinary period of difficulties and challenges, and more dire times still await us...We have no solution except through social solidarity, mutual support and a duly formed government according to the Taif and the Constitution," he reiterated.

Jumblatt's words came on the birth anniversary of his martyr father, Kamal Jumblatt, during a commemorative stand near his shrine in Al-Mukhtara today, where thousands of citizens and supporters from the mountain and other regions gathered to pay tribute to the memory of the late Druze leader as accustomed every year.

"We remind those who call for regime change that Kamal Jumblatt was the first to call for such change, and fought corruption when he brought down the symbol of corruption in 1952 in the White Revolution," recalled Jumblatt.

He added: "Kamal Jumblatt was the first to confront the Syrian regime's aggression against Lebanon and was assassinated by them, and he was the first to call for secularism with the Lebanese national movement."

"The march continues, and we will pursue it no matter the odds and arrows from here and there...We do not care, for the march continues," Jumblatt underlined.

"As I mentioned before, we are going through very trying times, and I am ready in the Party to provide all possible support in order to ensure our steadfastness and survival," vowed the PSP Chief.

Source: National News Agency