Monday, August 3
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Aoun informs Kubis Lebanon will attend ISG meeting through official delegation

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed his satisfaction for the convening of the "International Support Group for Lebanon" meeting , tomorrow in Paris, thanking France for the interest shown in its initiative in calling for the meeting, in coordination with the United Nations.

President Aoun received the UN Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Mr. Jan Kubis, at Baabda Palace.

The President told Kubis that Lebanon will attend the meeting through an official delegation, hoping that the results will be shown into practice, which will translate the support shown by member states of the group towards Lebanon. Especially in these delicate economic conditions which the country is going through.

Mr. Kubis discussed, with the President, the arrangements made to hold a meeting of the support group, with a French and International chairmanship, including several sessions to tackle the situation in Lebanon and the ways to support it. Considering that the meeting will serve as a strong indication of commitment of the group's countries, to work with Lebanon.

International Day for Fighting Corruption

In addition, on the International Day for Fighting Corruption, the President of the Republic tweeted:

"We will continue to work, with all our efforts and energy, to eradicate the malicious germ of corruption which has taken its toll on the nation's well-being, its institutions, the minds of many, and their practices in various segments, locations and classes. We want integrity to become an approach and culture for the young and old, and a way of life".

Source: National News Agency