Monday, August 3
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Mexican Ambassador Expresses Happiness at Visiting King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival

Riyadh, Mexican Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Anibal Gomez Toledo, expressed his happiness at the elaborate organization he had seen at King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival.

He said "I am very impressed by the way the falcons are trained, so that they race towards the wave."

The ambassador and his wife stood in the vicinity of Al-Mallwah race, and watched the way the falcon was released from the falconer's hand, and how the timing is calculated until the bird reaches the end, and covered the distance of 400 meters in a few seconds.

Ambassador Toledo and his wife got acquainted with the names and titles of a number of the falcons participating in the race, their species and breeds.

He and his companions also met with the jury, and were briefed on a detailed explanation about the stages of the competition from the beginning up to the finals of the competition which continues until next Monday, with prizes exceeding 18 million riyals, in addition to three million riyals for the winners of the competition of the most beautiful falcon.

Source: Saudi Press Agency