Monday, January 20
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Loyalty to Resistance bloc: For a government that protects people’s interests

The Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc on Thursday highlighted the necessity to form a new government that would protect the interests of the Lebanese and redress the ailing financial condition in the country, especially in light of the latest developments taking place in the broader region.

"The local and regional developments entail the formation of a government that shoulders the responsibility of managing the country's affairs, protects the interests of the Lebanese, and endeavors to rectify the financial, monetary, economic and livelihood situation, and restore order to the work of institutions, administrations and apparatuses," the bloc said in a statement following its weekly meeting.

The bloc considered that as Lebanon had suffered from the US-backed Zionist occupation, it was certainly concerned with the eradication of hegemony and aggressive policies.

"The US hostility has again proven to be a terrorist act and an organized crime," the bloc said in reference to the US attack on Baghdad airport and assassination of General Qassem Suleimani and others.

The bloc depicted US President Donald Trump as an "imperious" and "evil" who brutally killed Suleimani and his comrades.

The bloc also indicated that the massive turnout in the funeral processions in both Iran and Iraq showed people's utmost confidence in the path followed by the martyrs. It added that the message both peoples sought to convey was that there were no room for any US military presence in the region.

Source: National News Agency

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