Tuesday, September 29
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Murad: To stop importing any agricultural commodities piled in our warehouses

Caretaker State Minister for International Trade Affairs, Hassan Murad, stressed that "the national interest requires, without any hesitation, that we support the productive sectors in Lebanon," reiterating "the demand of the agricultural sector to stop foreign imports of any agricultural commodities that are stacked in Lebanese warehouses and refrigerators."

During his meeting with a delegation representing agricultural bodies from the Bekaa region, Murad promised to stand by Lebanese farmers in their demand to stop agricultural import.

He said he will raise the issue with Caretaker Agriculture Minister, Hassan Lakkis, in order to agree on ceasing importation until reaching self-sufficiency and consuming all agricultural quantities produced in Lebanon.

"Priority remains to our national production during these circumstances," he asserted, noting that "we have no problem with Egypt and when needed, it will have the privilege of our imports."

Murad concluded by declaring: "I will visit Syria at the beginning of next week, and I will work with them to facilitate the entry of Lebanese agricultural trucks, and reducing the financial taxes imposed on Lebanese exports. The Lebanese state is short on this issue, and I have been asking from day one to address this matter, especially that it would generate nearly a billion dollars' revenue to the Lebanese state."

Source: National News Agency