Saturday, August 8
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Aoun tasks Bou Saab to offer condolences in Muscat, tackles developments with Baabda itinerants

President Michel Aoun will receive, tomorrow at 11:00 am, the dean of the diplomatic sector, papal Ambassador, Monsignor Joseph Spitri, members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic sectors, and heads of international organizations accredited in Lebanon, to congratulate the President on the occasion of holidays, according to an established annual tradition.

The Papal Ambassador will deliver a speech on behalf of the diplomats, afterwards President Aoun will respond with a speech in which he addresses Lebanon's position concerning current local, regional, and international developments.

The President of the Republic met MP, Fouad Makhzoumi, and discussed with him the general situation.

After the meeting, Makhzoumi said that the visit is to congratulate the President on the occasion of the glorious feasts and New Year, hoping that it will be a good year for Lebanon.

"The discussion touched on general conditions in the country, especially the difficult economic and financial living conditions which Lebanon is going through" Makhzoumi added, pointing out that the Lebanese are looking for stability and a Government of specialists meeting their demands and rights which were lost for thirty years. "What is required is to accelerate the establishment of a transitional rescue Government, whose primary concern is to stop the financial and economic deterioration, and restore confidence in Lebanon as soon as possible".

MP Makhzoumi also considered that "The economic situation is no longer tolerable and that and that trust in banks has been lost, which is very dangerous, especially after the banking sector was the first pillar of the Lebanese economy". He considered that "A large part of the responsibility falls on the financial engineering which brought the country to this situation, and on the Association of Banks whose procedures violated monetary and credit laws". In addition, Makhzoumi pointed out that "Negligence and disregard for the small depositors will not pass, the Lebanese and the October 17 Revolution for them are on the lookout. The House of Representatives called for the adoption of a repeated accelerated law to protect the accounts of the small depositors who make up 86% of the depositors in banks, in order to reassure people of their savings".

Finally, while stressing that "It is unacceptable that Lebanon delayed payment of UN dues while we wait for support from the International Community", Makhzoumi condemned the caretaker Government's absence from duties, considering that "A large part of the repercussions of the crisis falls on the responsibility of this Government".

President Michel Aoun received former Minister, Fady Abboud, and deliberated with him the situation of the Lebanese Industrial sector.

The President reviewed with Abboud the general condition in the country, especially the conditions of factories and industrial institutions, and what they are suffering as a result of the current crisis, and the import of raw materials for the national industry.

Sultan Qabous's Death Condolences:

President Aoun sent the Minister of National Defense, Elias Bou Saab, to Muscat to offer condolences, on his behalf and on behalf of the Lebanese people, on the death of Sultan Qabous Bin Said.

Bou Saab, who will be accompanied by an official delegation, will convey President Aoun's congratulations on the appointment of Sultan, Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said, to succeed the late Sultan Qabous.

Congratulations From Trump and Merkel:

President Aoun received congratulation cards, on the occasion of holidays, from US President, Donald Trump, and German President, Frank Walter Steinmeier, and Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Source: National News Agency