Thursday, February 27
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French Foreign Ministry spokesperson stresses ‘urgent need’ for new government in Lebanon to implement credible reforms

The French embassy in Lebanon distributed fresh remarks by French Foreign Ministry spokesperson, AgnAs Von Der Muhll, on the violence that was witnessed during protests in Lebanon over the weekend, which left scores injured.

France is concerned about the violence that has been recently witnessed in Lebanon and stresses the importance of having protesters express all their legitimate demands in a peaceful manner, Der Muhll said, reaffirming France's commitment to the people's right to demonstrate.

As for the serious economic and social crisis that Lebanon is going through, and in view of the recent violent actions, Der Muhll capitalized on the urgent need to form a new government that's capable of implementing a credible set of reforms that meet with the expectations of the Lebanese.

France intends, as always, to stand side-by-side with the Lebanese people, Der Muhll added.

Source: National News Agency

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