Thursday, February 27
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Minister of Health visits Hermel Hospital: No Coronavirus in Lebanon

Minister of Public Health, Hamad Hassan, paid a surprise visit to Hermel Governmental Hospital, during which he said "this visit proves that we are keeping our promise to maintain close contact with our people; any distress call will be answered."

"I have received a call from MP [Ehad] Hamada who uttered concern over the spread of the N1 flu," he said, assuring that "there is no need to panic over the spread of this or any other disease. There is definitely no Coronavirus epidemic [in Lebanon], and all that is circulating is mere media talk."

He also pledged "to provide treatment right after the diagnosis, as the treatment is available at the ministry and will be offered free of charge for cases diagnosed for clinical treatment."

Hassan finally assured that "the ministry's epidemiological surveillance unit will deploy on the ground."

Source: National News Agency

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