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General Establishment of Railways: AleppoDamascus railway to be put into service in May

Damascus, Maintenance teams at the Ministry of Transport continue to maintenance work and repairing the railway from Aleppo to Damascus passing by Homs and Hama, which was damaged due to terrorism, with the goal of putting it into service during May 2020.

General Director of General Establishment of Syrian Railways Najib alFaris said in a statement to SANA that the railway, which extends for 400 KM, constitutes an economic and services necessity due to its role in facilitating the shipping of goods and transporting passengers safely among provinces.

He noted that work has commenced in maintaining and repairing the railway from Aleppo to Damascus for running trains and shipping goods, in addition to connecting power plants in Muhradah and Zara'a in Hama with power plants in Damascus Countryside to the network for delivering fuel, as well as delivering grains to silos in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama, Homs, and Damascus.

AlFaris stated that after Aleppo was declared safe, teams from the Establishment began working to repair and restore the railway from alDumayr station to AbuDhuhur station to complete the rehabilitation project of the railway, noting that terrorists have stolen around 46 km of tracks from that railway.

He also pointed out that the Establishment has finished the rehabilitation process of the HomsDamascus railway.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency