Tuesday, March 31
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Citizens and expatriates of Jeddah confirm their response to system of preventive precautions against infection with Coronavirus

Jeddah, Many efforts have been exerted by the government, private and relevant authorities upon directives of the Saudi government to reduce and prevent infection with Coronavirus "COVID-19" and pursue precautionary measures to deal with the virus that has spread in various countries of the world.

The magnitude of these precautions stems from the preservation of the safety of this country, its people and expatriates and those who have closely touched the system of preparations since the beginning of the emergence of the Coronavirus "COVID-19" and followed up its prevalence rates amid direct organization and supervision of hospitals and preparing them to deal with the reception of any situation and provide all their services, in addition to preparing various facilities, sites and air, sea, and land ports, and ensuring the completion of equipment and the work of human resources around the clock.

In this regard, Citizen Mohammed bin Naif Al-Ahmadi highlighted the system of preparations made to confront the Coronavirus "COVID-19" at all times, foremost among which is the issuance of wise decisions that met all response among citizens and residents, and won the commitment of all, including: suspending the study, preventing gatherings, and suspending foreign trips to endemic countries and others in the interest of the safety of citizens at home and abroad, so that they are not a cause of transmission of infection to their families, as well as devoting efforts to protect expatriates from infection with the virus.

Al-Ahmadi said that the Saudi government places the health of citizens and the preservation of their safety as a top priority, and it deals with emergency situations that threaten public health with full ability and wisdom, and this is evident in following all developments of Corona virus from the early days.

for his part, Citizen Omar Ali Yaqoub praised preventive measures and their continuous development to prevent the transmission of the virus, besiege and eliminate it, and to preserve public health among citizens and expatriates , and not to accept any complacency for that, based on the responsibility of all sectors.

He said: The state has succeeded in implementing exceptional measures it has taken to counter the spread of the coronavirus "COVID-19, such as suspending entry to the Kingdom for the purposes of Umrah, visiting the Prophet’s Mosque temporarily, entering the Kingdom with tourist visas for those coming from countries where the spread of the Coronavirus "COVID-19" danger, temporarily suspending the study in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom, public gatherings in all sports competitions in all games, and suspending the holding of all events.

In turn, Abdullah Al-Zahrani praised precautions taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of enhancing public health and preventing coronavirus, based on continuous coordination with sectors and government and private agencies concerned to limit the spread of this epidemic.

He expressed his personal satisfaction that all activities are required to apply health requirements, especially food providers in restaurants, by putting masks, wearing gloves, and personal hygiene, in addition to directing major commercial markets by sterilizing shopping carts and placing sterilizers in toilets and malls.

As for the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom in comparison to other countries, expatriate Egyptian Mohamed Arafa, who works as a teacher in one of the private schools, praised measures taken by the Saudi government incomparable with other countries of the world, which are suffering from the spread and emergence of Coronavirus, where endeavors were made in this field are great, as it embarked on the work to prevent this virus from its inception and deal with it with all capabilities required by the situation.

About awareness programs on the spread of the Coronavirus "COVID-19", resident teacher Muhammed Magdi praised the Kingdom's efforts in alerting to the seriousness of this epidemic, its serious effects on the society, and tremendous efforts that it made and is still by standing against its spread, and harming people, pointing out that these procedures are clear and call for pride, among which are: educational awareness programs on all means, and others such as health services provided by hospitals, in receiving cases, and providing appropriate treatments.

The expatriate of Yemeni nationality, Ahmed bin Ali Wasabi, who worked in a food supply store, also affirmed that the Kingdom has great potentials in dealing with the Coronavirus "COVID-19", which is ravaging various countries of the world, pointing out that the state’s endeavors are enduring evidence that the health of the citizen and the expatriate has a great place and its recent precautionary decisions are only clear evidence that ensuring the safety and health of all is what matters the country of the Two Holy Mosques.

Source: Saudi Press Agency