Monday, July 13
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Labor System Doesn’t Allow Granting Employees Unpaid Leave without Their Consent, Ministry of Human Resources States

Riyadh, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development confirmed today that the labor system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not allow granting or forcing employees to go on unpaid leave without their consent.

"In light of the current circumstances which do not allow performing work duties according to regular methods, a reference to Coronavirus-forced public home-stays, the enterprises could follow alternative methods to enable their employees to complete their tasks, including remote work. The ministry published a guidebook in this regard on the ministry's website," it added.

This came in response to inquiries the ministry has received on whether some private sector's facilities granting laborers unpaid leave without their consent is compatible to regulation.

The Ministry affirmed that the labor contracts are binding on both parties of the contractual relationship "laborer and employer", adding that the temporary extraordinary circumstances do not affect them.

The Ministry urges all private sector's enterprises to cooperate and abide by the statutory provisions.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is ready to receive any violation compaints via official channels such as the e-application of "RASD" which is available on the smart phone devices, or the "19911" telephone number.

Source: Saudi Press Agency