Saturday, August 15
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The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, affirmed that “The forced completion of the file of missing and forcibly disappeared people turns a painful page of the pages of the Lebanese war, especially in terms of knowing their fate”, pointing out that “This matter is their families’ right”. The President indicated that he had called, a long time ago, to end this pending file, since “It is not possible to demand the families of the missing and forcibly disappeared, to forgive without clarifying circumstances of disappearance or loss”.

President Aoun’s positions came during his reception the National Commission for Missing and Forcibly Disappeared members, who swore their oaths, on the occasion of foundation of the commission.

President Aoun stated that “A delicate task faces the commission, which must be dealt with responsibly, with patriotism and humanitarian spirit, since this issue concerns all the Lebanese from different families, and it is an integral part of the state’s work to preserve human rights”. The President then asked commission members to “Work with a unified spirit and launch a national workshop in which everyone would contribute to distinctly end this humanitarian file”.

Then, members of the commission took an oath before the President of the Republic.

Members are: Judge Joseph Maamari, Walid Abu Dayyeh, Dolly Farah, Ziad Ashour, Adib Nehmeh, Carmen Abou Jaoudeh, Wadad Mrad, and Joyce Nassar.

Afterwards, they thanked President Aoun for his efforts since before his election, as an MP and President, in dealing with the file of missing persons, and his suggestions of laws during his parliamentary duties, in this context.

Finally, Commission members promised President Aoun not to spare any effort to achieve all goals, and solve this delicate humanitarian issue, hoping that they will always receive the necessary support from the President of the Republic.

Tunisian Ambassador:

President Aoun then received Tunisian Ambassador, Mohammed Karim Bodali, at Baabda Palace, on a farewell visit to mark the end of his duties in Lebanon.

The President noted Bodali’s efforts during his stay in Lebanon, in enhancing Lebanese-Tunisian relations. In appreciation and acknowledgment to Bodali’s accomplishments, President Aoun granted him the National Cedar Medal (Rank of Senior Officer), wishing him success in his new missions.

Dr. Jarjoura Hardan:

After that, the President met his personal representative to the International “La Francophonie” Organization, Dr. Jarjoura Hardan, who briefed him on the deliberations in the Permanent Council of the organization.

Dr. Hardan also briefed President Aoun on his intervention which focused on the importance of internal dialogue, and regional and international dialogue, to seek a solution to Palestinian and Syrian refugee issues, which are costing Lebanon high prices.

Then, Dr. Hardan pointed out that the meeting dealt with the launch of the “Human Academy for Meeting and Dialogue”, indicating that the Permanent Council of “La Francophonie” expressed support for Lebanon in the current difficult circumstances.

Rafic Hariri Government Hospital:

On the other hand, and immediately after the President was informed of the need of Rafic Hariri University Hospital for diesel to operate generators, he called the Energy Minister, Raymond Ghajar, and asked him to secure a quantity of diesel for the Hospital.

The President also instructed Presidential Palace, and Army, departments to send a quantity of their reserves to secure the Hospital’s needs, praising the medical and humanitarian work carried out by the hospital, especially in facing Corona virus.


Source: National News Agency

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