Friday, September 25
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President Michel Aoun received a solidarity calls and cables from the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, after yesterday’s explosion in Beirut, in addition to numerous telegrams from Leaders and Presidents.

Prince, Albert II, said: “At the time when Beirut port was exposed into tragic explosions that plunged your country into pain, I cannot but express my heartfelt condolences and my full support to you in this ordeal, that your country is passing through. The people of the Principality of Monaco join me in extending their deepest condolences to families of victims, affirming the full support of the Lebanese friendly people”.

Telegram of the Italian President:

Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, wrote: “I express my solidarity, and that of all Italians, with the Lebanese people, offering your Excellency my deepest condolences. I join the friendly Lebanese people in this painful circumstance while my thoughts are directed towards the number of victims who have fallen as a result from this terrible tragedy, wishing speedy recovery and great hope for the injured”.

President of Syria:

Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad wrote: “We were disturbed by the great event that took place at the Beirut Port, leaving a large number of victims and injured. We condole the victims and hope speedy recovery for the wounded. We affirm our stand with the brotherly Lebanese and confirm solidarity with its resisting people, while we are confident that you will be able to overcome the effects of this tragic incident, and rebuild damages resulting, as soon as possible. We ask God, once again, to have mercy on the victims’ souls, and we console the victims hoping for speedy recovery of the injured”.

Tunisian President:

The President of the Tunisian Republic, Qais Saeed, wrote: “We heard, with great sadness and sorrow, about the explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital, which resulted in tens of deaths and thousands of wounded. We address you in this difficult circumstance, with the sincerest condolences and sympathy, and to all the Lebanese people and the families of the victims of the explosion, and we wish speedy recovery to the wounded. On this painful occasion, we express the full solidarity of the Tunisian people with their Lebanese brothers, wishing them security and peace. Tunisia is always ready to lend the helping hand to you and provide what you ask for, especially in this painful circumstance”.

King of Jordan:

The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, wrote: “I received with deep sadness and extreme sensitivity the news of the tragic explosion that took place on Tuesday in the port of Beirut, killing tens of victims and causing hundreds of injuries. As I express to you in my name and on behalf of the people and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan the sincerest condolences and sympathy for this painful affliction, I affirm that Jordan stands beside the brothers in Lebanon and is ready to provide all forms of assistance. We ask God to shroud the victims with mercy, and to inspire you and their loved ones with patience and good condolences, and to grant the injured a speedy recovery and spare you and your people all harm”.

Sultan of Oman:

Oman Sultan, Haitham Bin Tariq, stated in his telegram: “It is with great regret that we learned of the explosion that took place at the Beirut Port, leaving many victims and injured. We express our sincere condolences to your Excellency, and the families of victims and the brotherly Lebanese people, we pray to God Almighty that the victims are granted his mercy, and their families are inspired with patience and solace. We hope that the injured speedily recover, and that the brotherly Lebanese people are avoided from all harm”.

President of Sri Lanka:

The President of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, Gutapaya Rajapaksa said: “I express brotherly solidarity with the Lebanese Government, after the explosion that took place in Beirut yesterday, which led to a number of causalities and injuries, in addition to severe material damage. In this tragic moment, as Sri Lanka stands with sadness, it expresses it deep condolences to you, and through you, to the families of victims as well as to the Lebanese people and Government, wishing fast recovery for the wounded”.

President of Belarus:

The Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, said: “With great pain, we received the sad news about the number of victims resulting from the tragic incident which took place in the Port of Beirut, on August 4, 2020. In the name of the Belarusian people, and on my own behalf, I extend my sincerest condolences and words of support to your Excellency and the relatives of the victims, and I also wish the speedy recovery for all the injured.

President Michel Aoun had also received a phone call from the President of the European Union Council, Louis Michel, and from the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Abou l Gheith, who expressed his intention to visit Lebanon next Saturday. The President also received a telegram from the Russian Patriarch, Kirill.

President of Palestine:

Finally, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, directed the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ashraf Dabour, to place all Palestinian capabilities at the disposal of the Lebanese, and declared mourning and flag downing for one day, in solidarity with the Lebanese people.


Source: National News Agency

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