Friday, September 25
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Johnson: You can be assured that we are with you, and we will work to restore life to Beirut; Britain will participate in a conference and will spare no effort to support Lebanon and contribute to the development of its capabilities

Aoun: The solidarity that you showed towards Lebanon and the aid that we received reflects the depth of historical relationships
NNA – The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received today a phone call from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, offering his condolences, for the victims of the port explosion.

PM Boris Johnson affirmed that “Britain is sad about what happened in Beirut, and is ready to support the friendly Lebanese people, through urgent aid and medical equipment, and to contribute to the reconstruction of the port and the damaged homes.”

He said, “The British people are in solidarity with the Lebanese people who have previously suffered from the influx of displaced Syrians to their lands, and we hope that two years of economic advancement will be achieved on all levels.”

The PM of Britain affirmed: “Be sure that we are on your side and with you we will work to restore life to the city of Beirut.”

President Aoun thanked him again and affirmed his gratitude to  Queen Elizabeth II and what she has shown in solidarity with Lebanon. He also thanked Britain for sending a fact finding ship to evaluate the damage with experts coming to contribute to the search and rescue operations that reflect the bilateral and historical relations.”

Aoun expressed his hope that the support conference that will be held in Paris tomorrow will help Lebanon overcome its ordeal, listing the urgent needs for reconstruction, especially in the Beirut port and the destroyed neighborhoods in the capital.

President Aoun thanked PM Johnson for the continued British support for the Lebanese Armed Forces, particularly in the construction of the towers.

Johnson, for his part, stressed that this support will continue, emphasizing the importance of the British-Lebanese partnership, and expressing his pleasure to visit Lebanon and meet its kind people, “to whom I send all my greetings and solidarity in this circumstance, wishing them a prosperous future.”


Source: National News Agency

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