Friday, November 27
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President Aoun received the credentials of four new Ambassadors accredited to Lebanon, today at Baabda Palace.

Ambassadors are: Canadian Ambassador, Chantal Chastenay, Austrian Ambassador, Dr. Rene Paul Amry, French Ambassador, Anne Grillo and Russian Ambassador, Alexander Nikolaevich Rudavov.

The credential-presentation ceremony was attended by Foreign Affairs Minister, Charbel Wehbe, Secretary General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Hani Shmeitly, Protocol Director General of the Presidency, Dr. Nabil Chedid, and the Protocol Director General at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Mrs. Abir Ali.

Upon the successive arrival of the Ambassadors to the Presidential Palace, the approved ceremonies were held, and the army’s music played the anthem of the country represented by the Ambassador while the flag of his country was raised on the mast of the Republican Palace alongside the Lebanese flag.

Then, the Ambassador of each of the four countries greeted the flag, before a company from the Republican Guard Brigade displayed, then entered the 22 October Salon in the middle of two rows of spears, and from there to the Ambassadors Salon, where Ambassadors presented credentials to President Aoun.

Upon the departure of each Ambassador, after presenting credentials, the Lebanese army’s music played the Lebanese national anthem.

The Ambassadors conveyed to President Aoun the greetings and condolences of their heads of state for the victims of the Beirut Port explosion, and wished him success in his national responsibilities, assuring him of working to strengthen the relations between Lebanon and their countries.

For his side, the President of the Republic conveyed his greetings to the Ambassadors’ heads of state, wishing them success in their diplomatic missions, and thanking them for their feelings about Lebanon and the support provided to help the injured and those affected by the port explosion.

The following is a summary of biographies of the Ambassadors who submitted their credentials today:

Canada’s Ambassador, Chantal CHASTENAY:

-Holds licenses in arts, history and political science from Mc Gill University and a master’s in international relations from Laval University.

-Fluctuated in several administrative and diplomatic positions, where she held the position of Deputy Director of Protocol and Director of the diplomatic apparatus of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Relations and International Trade.

-Worked in the Francophonie and Middle East department of the same ministry.

– Worked as an advisor to her country’s embassy in Paris, and also undertook several diplomatic assignments in Morocco and Jordan.

-Assumed responsibility for political relations with Iraq, and the position of deputy head of her country’s mission in Mexico City.

– Fluent in French, English, Spanish and Arabic.



Ambassador of Austria, Dr. René Paul AMRY:

– Received his studies in the French Lyceum in Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Austria.

-Pursued university studies at the Faculties of History and Archeology of the Universities of Vienna and Munich.

-Holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Vienna, and a doctorate in constitutional law, human rights and criminal law from the University of Vienna.

-Fluctuated in several administrative and diplomatic positions. He has authored numerous books and scientific articles.

-Worked as a legal advisor for the Office of the Coordinator of Projects Against Racial Discrimination, and held the position of technical advisor at the Austrian Development Affairs Department.

-Worked as a media advisor at the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs, before he was appointed to the position of Deputy Head of his country’s mission in Caracas.

-Took over the presidency of his country’s mission and the post of director of the Austrian cultural forum of the mission in Cairo.

Ambassador of France, Anne GRILLO:

-Holds a diploma from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, and postgraduate studies in political science.

– Holds a postgraduate diploma in public business administration, and she is a graduate of the National Institute of Administration.

– Minister Delegate of the second degree.

– Held several administrative and diplomatic positions, where she worked in the French Ministry of Equipment and Transport between 1993-1997, before assuming the position of First Secretary at her country’s embassy in Beijing between 1997-1999, and then an assistant advisor for cooperation and cultural activities at the same embassy between the years of 1999-2001.

-Held the position of Consul General in Barcelona between 2010-2013, and then in the Central Administration as Director of Cultural, University and Research Cooperation between 2013-2017.

– Held the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of her country in Mexico since 2017.

– Fluent in English and Spanish.


Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Russia, Alexander Nikolaevich RUDAVOV:

– Graduate of MGIMO, State Institute for International Relations of his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-Joined the diplomatic affairs of his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1990.

-Fluctuated in several diplomatic positions, as he was appointed to the general consulate of his country in both Maqla and Aden in Yemen, and then with his country’s embassy in Syria between 1997-2001 and 2003-2008.

-Headed his country’s mission to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah between 2010-2017.

-Since 2017, he has held the position of Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Source: National News Agency

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