Friday, November 27
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Day: November 1, 2020

IS Militants Intensify Attacks in Syria’s Desert

WASHINGTON - Militants affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) terror group have stepped up their attacks against Syrian government forces and allied militias in the desert region of Syria. Last week, attacks claimed by IS in the desert area killed at least a dozen Syrian troops, according to local news reports. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitor that has researchers across the war-torn country, said in October alone, about 150 Syrian government troops were killed by IS militants in the region. The militant group’s attacks have been concentrated in the provinces of Homs, Deir al-Zour and Hama, the Syrian Observatory reported. Despite its territorial defeat in March 2019, IS continues to carry out attacks against civilians and military forces in central and easter...

KSrelief Continues Implementing Water Supply, Environmental Sanitation Project, in Hodeida, Yemen

Al-Khawkhah, Yemen, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has continued implementing water supply and environmental sanitation project, in Hodeida Governorate, Yemen. During the period from 15 to 21 October, 2020, 363,000 liters of drinking water and 413,000 liters of non-drinking water were pumped into tanks. This comes within the framework of humanitarian and relief projects being provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the KSrelief, for the Yemeni people.   Source: Saudi Press Agency

Institute of Public Administration Launches 14 Training Programs through Ethrai Platform for Citizens and Residents

Riyadh, Institute of Public Administration has launched 10 new e-training programs through Ethrai platform in the important specializations that are provided to state employees, while the other four programs are provided to the rest of citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabling everyone to benefit from the programs of Ethrai platform. It is noteworthy that Ethrai platform offers numerous e-training programs specialized in various fields of knowledge, in addition to e-conferences. The platform has received more than four million visitors and the number of beneficiaries from its programs reached about two million trainees from government agencies and other citizens and residents, while the attendance of its e-conferences reached more than 100,000.   Source: ...

The Leaders of Global Standardization Bodies Discuss the Role of Standards in Crises and Digital Transformation

Riyadh, The leaders of global standardization bodies will discuss the role of standards in strengthening institutional capacities to face crises and limit their negative impacts, as well as ways to enhance standards for digital transformation and benefit from it in crises. It will be held on Wednesday, Rabi Al-Awwal 18, 1442 AH, corresponding to November 4, 2020 AD, within the activities of the International Summit for Standards organized by the Kingdom within the events of the Saudi Presidency of the G20. A group of heads and leaders of national standardization bodies from various countries of the world will participate in this summit, including Philipp Metzger, CEO and Secretary General of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Sergio Mujica, Secretary-General of the Inter...

The Red Sea Development Company celebrates milestone moment as SAR 7.5bn worth of contracts are signed to date

Riyadh, The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind Saudi Arabia’s flagship international regenerative tourism initiative The Red Sea Project, today announced it had awarded to date more than 500 contracts to international and local firms. Collectively worth around SAR 7.5 billion ($2bn), these include awards for the design, build and operation of state-of-the-art accommodation and facilities at the destination. “This significant landmark underscores the scale of our project and the remarkable progress made to create the destination of the future. TRSDC is a contributing factor to the growth of the Saudi Arabian economy and is playing a pivotal role in its Vision 2030 plan. I am honoured to be able to showcase the incredible advances our brilliant team and partners have...

Health Ministry Spokesman: 374 New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Reported in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Assistant Minister of Health and Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali said in a press conference here today that 374 new confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing the total number to 347,656 cases, including 8,000 active cases receiving necessary medical care. Of these, there are 771 critical cases, while the health condition of the rest is stable, he said. As many as 394 cases have recovered, bringing the total recoveries to 334,236, Dr. Al-Abdulaali said, adding that 18 new deaths have been reported, bringing the total deaths to 5,420.   Source: Saudi Press Agency