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3 Drug Dealers And Traffickers Arrested In Muthanna And Najaf Governorates

The General Directorate of Intelligence and Security overthrew three drug dealers and traffickers in the provinces of al-Muthanna and Najaf.

The directorate stated in a statement: “The detachments of al-Muthanna Intelligence and Security Directorate arrested two drug dealers and traffickers in Al-Majd and Rumaitha districts in al-Muthanna Governorate, and issued two arrest warrants against them in accordance with the provisions of Article (28) Narcotics.”

In the same context, and with a precise ambush, the detachments of the Najaf Intelligence and Security Directorate were able to arrest a narcotic drug dealer red-handed while he was promoting and selling various narcotic substances in Kufa district.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency