Sunday, January 17

/ 5 / caches to Daesh destroyed within the inspections in the areas and villages of Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, The Security forces destroyed five caches to the Daesh terrorist gangs as part of a search operation in areas and villages of Kirkuk province, security sources said.

Spokesman for the Center for Security Information Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement that "the federal police forces within the Kirkuk operations are conducting a search operation in the areas and villages (the mountains of Kara Jugh and the borders - Jabal Al-Khazer _ Potek Hills _ Mohsen _ Mahmudiya _ Ali Sarai _ New and Old Dhebaa) ".

He added that "the operation resulted in the finding of 5 caches to the Daesh gangs that and has been destroyed, and also lifted 16 explosive devices in the village of Kudeleh and the arrest of two suspects and the finding of 3 detonators and 10 electric lighters.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency