Tuesday, March 2

A Number of diplomats thank Saudi Arabia for its efforts to serve pilgrims

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, A number of officials affiliated to the Pilgrim-related offices of Turkey, Muslims of Europe and America and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Kingdom thanked the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the facilities and quality of services provided for pilgrims since their arrival at the Holy places until leaving back home.

This came during a ceremony held by the Department of Relations and media at the Circumambulation Guiding Foundation of Turkish pilgrims and the Muslims of Europe and America today at its headquarters in Makkah, to mark the success of the Hajj season, in the presence of the French Consul General Dr. Mostafa Mihraje, the Deputy British Consul General and Head of International Trade Department Kabir Rahman, Cultural Attache at the US Consulate General Jeffrey Wiley, President of the Office of the Affairs of Russian Pilgrims Dr. Mohammad Hamza Yov and a number of officials from Turkey, Bosnia and Tajikistan.

They stressed that all pilgrims and those in charge of their affairs have witnessed the tremendous and clear progress in the level of performance, services and human and technical capabilities provided with all governmental and civil bodies related to Hajj and Hajj despite the increasing numbers of pilgrims and rising temperatures, noting that this excellence and progress is obvious for this government and the people who put themselves and their money at the disposal of pilgrims' convoys to make it a pleasant journey.

Source: Saudi Press Agency