Tuesday, August 3

A terrorist detachment, including the “General Security” to the sector of Fallujah arrested

BAGHDAD, An investigating court in eastern Anbar province on terrorism has confirmed the confessions of four defendants who formed a military detachment, including the so-called security chief of the Falluja district, in Daesh organization.

A statement by the Supreme Judicial Council said that "the Anbar Provincial Investigation Court has confirmed the confessions of four terrorism suspects, including the so-called security official of Fallujah, after they were arrested by the security forces in Anbar province. The court took all the measures against them according to the provisions of Article IV / anti-terrorism".

He added that "the defendants confessed to the formation of a military detachment within the district of Fallujah and the commission of several criminal acts in the province, including targeting one of the judges in Anbar by adhesive device."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency