Saturday, January 23

A Turkoman leader criticizes Kirkuk election results

KIRKUK, The Deputy Chairman of the Turkmen Front Hassan Tauran said that the Board of Commissioners contradicted itself when it dismissed the former Director General of the Office of Kirkuk for the Electoral Commission and turned his papers to the judicial investigation and then returned and confirmed the compatibility of the results of Kirkuk.

Turan explained that the people of the province of Kirkuk were waiting for the Board of Commissioners to implement the third amendment to the electoral law and the decision of the Federal Court, but were disappointed by the speed of the Board of Commissioners to declare the results of Kirkuk before the manual counting and sorting of 1140 stations have been replaced by frauds referred to the judiciary and this is another contradiction in which the Council Commissioners committed.

The Deputy Chairman of the Turkmen Front stressed that the Front will appeal to the judiciary on the procedures of the Commission and other options that are compatible with the Constitution and the law available to the existing public.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency