Sunday, March 7

Abillamah: We aim for partnership, not for possessing biggest share to challenge others

MP Eddy Abillamah on Tuesday said in an interview with "Free Lebanon" radio station, "The Lebanese Forces are not delaying the formation of the cabinet, neither is the socialist party, but Bassil is. The LF is not demanding more shares, but the presence of ministers representing the party in the cabinet. Their presence could prove beneficial considering that they are known for their integrity, serious work, and transparency."

"The goal is to attain an effective share that can accomplish what former ministers could. Therefore, the share should be balanced in order to work cohesively with other blocs," the MP said.

"The Meerab understanding was enacted under this headline and not to divide the seats of the cabinets. The concept of partnership is the tenor of Meerab understanding, as well as the spirituality of the declaration of intents."

"In the understanding, the two sides promised to cooperate in order to make the tenure a success, and not to split the shares like Bassil envisions. Things fall under the reality of partnership in order to make the cabinet and the tenure thrive," Abillamah explained.

"MP Gebran Bassil can only obstruct others, but he cannot neither form the cabinet nor change the status quo. The source of problems is not the LF but whoever appoints themselves as the regulators of shares in the cabinet, only to end up taking the most shares as a challenge to others," the lawmaker remarked.

Source: National News Agency