Sunday, June 13

Abkhazia to develop cooperation with Syria

Moscow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Abkhazia, Kristina Ozgan, said that her country has willingness to develop cooperation with Syria in the field of tourism, agriculture, transportation, as well as the humanitarian field.

In a statement on the sidelines of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Ozgan talked about the process of developed relations between Syria and Abkhazia.

“Syria recognized the Republic of Abkhazia on May 29, 2018, and established diplomatic relations with it, and in the same year, Presidents of both countries signed an agreement of friendship and cooperation,” Ozgan said, adding that the two sides signed main documents outlining their cooperation.

She went on saying that within the framework of the last visit from May 16th to 20th by an Abkhaz delegation headed by President Aslan Bzhania to Syria, agreements for cooperation in the field of tourism and transport were signed.

“Damascus hosted the first meeting of the Abkhaz-Syrian Joint Committee for Economic, Commercial, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation,” Ozgan added.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency