Sunday, June 13

Administered Vaccines, Safe as well as Effective, Rumors Mongering Poses Risks to Others, Says Ministry of Health Spokesman

Riyadh, The Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali confirmed here today that the coronavirus vaccines delivered, are safe, effective and, moreover, important for protection, indicating that there are various rumors and false information over the vaccines, which receive a great appeal, a fact that may inflict risks on others and cut short the way leading to achieve immunity of the overall community.

Al-Abdulali elaborated that the vaccines protect the inoculated, grace of God, from the virus contraction or being infected, in addition to providing a 100 per cent protection against death, following realizing the high-degree immunity of the inoculation.

He added that the virus is very dangerous and leads to severe diseases and to death.

Abiding by moving on the positive track necessitate taking the vaccine and applying the precautionary measures, he stated, explaining that there is a relation between the vacillation of the world infections level and the inoculation or vaccine uptake as the pandemic is still raging.

On the other hand, he pointed to the proceeding of the vaccination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, explaining that the total number of coronavirus doses is approaching 14 million doses, administered at inoculation centers which exceed as many as 590, across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also pointed out that the acquired immunity following the infection stands in need to be reactivated, after 6 months of the recovery and that the infected does not need to run a test to prove recovery as it is enough to wait only for ten days, following the infection.

On the statistics covering the last 24 hours, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Abdulali said that 908 cases were reported, raising the confirmed tally to 449,191, including 9,706 active cases still undergoing medical treatment, with 1,408 cases in critical conditions, but almost all of them are stable.

Meanwhile, the recoveries toll rose to 432,138 as new 1,201 were added, against 13 new deaths that put the overall fatalities at 7,347.

Finally, the number of lab tests conducted was 76,003.

Source: Saudi Press Agency