Sunday, August 1

Ahmed al-Mashhadani: Fatah Alliance determined to nominate Al-Fayadh .. and five candidates to Defense Ministry.. and the last option is in the hands of Abdul Mahdi

BAGHDAD, Member of the House of Representatives Ahmad Mashhadani said that "no candidate has been chosen for the positions of the Ministries of Interior and Defense."

"Al-Mashhadani told NINA that" the Fatah Alliance is still insisting on its choice to Faleh al-Fayadh as a candidate for the post of Interior Minister under the constant rejection of Saeron. "

"As for the post of Defense Minister, there are more than five candidates, including the MP for Nineveh Ahmed al-Jubouri and Salim al-Jubouri and others (he did not mention them)," Mashhadani said.

He stressed that under these things remains the last choice for the selection of candidates, however, to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi."

The three Presidencies confirmed in yesterday's meeting the need to speed up the resolution of the file of vacant ministries and the completion of the cabinet ministers and provide the names of Ministers to the House of Representatives to give them confidence and start their tasks.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency