Thursday, February 25

AL confirms support for the Kingdom’s position rejecting interference in its domestic affairs

Cairo, The Secretariat General of the Arab League confirmed support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's position rejecting any interference in its internal affairs, based on the Secretariat General's firm position of rejecting foreign interference in the internal affairs of member countries of the Arab League in the framework of respecting the principle of non-interference stated in the charter of the United Nations and constantly dealt with at the international relations arena, including the non-interference or telling orders regarding the legal or judicial measures taken by a member state within its liabilities in conformity with its national laws.

In a statement issued today, the Secretariat General said that it was closely monitoring the current developments of the existing diplomatic dispute between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada, which reflects the existence of non-positive expanding methodology whereas some countries manage to send criticism and orders to other countries concerning their own situations and domestic matters.

Source: Saudi Press Agency